The Grammar Land Series

This series is designed to service three groups of people. The first group is the average 4th-7th grader who has had minimal exposure to grammar study and needs some basic instruction on the parts of speech and a variety of related ideas such as punctuation and usage. The texts are written at a 5th grade reading level. The bulk of the students using the books should fall into the above category.

A second possible group would be those students who have tried the traditional approach to grammar and want something different. The story format where learning takes place through reading about Tank and his interaction with the various characters he meets on his journey is quite a different approach. It appeals to some students while the traditional approach does not. For these students, grammar becomes acceptable or perhaps even fun.

The third group the series helps is those who are remedial. They have been through other programs and just didn't get it. The pace and presentation is thorough yet understandable. A few high school students in this category have had very good results with the series.

The Grammar Land books are arranged in two basic sections.

The first section is the story. Tank, a young fellow wanting to learn how to write, leaves Speaking Land for Writing Land. To get there he must go through Grammar Land. A professional guide known as PG leads Tank. On the way they go to various places and meet a variety of personalities: Thinker, who dreams up abstract nouns; Courageously, a Central Intelligence Adverbial Agency agent; and Classifies, a verb who categorizes verb parts. From each of these folks and many others, Tank learns about the language.

At given points in the story, Tank is asked to complete a scroll or two; these are the exercises as student must do. They are in the second section of the book. Previous to each set of scrolls in the second section, any new grammatical information is presented in synopsis form. This allows for a brief review of the key grammatical points covered in the story just before doing the exercises.

At the end of each chapter is a test. Answers are provided for all tests and answers. Once the combination of books 1 & 2 is completed, these tests and answers will appear in a separate booklet; GL Parts 3&4 already does this.

A modern Pilgrim's Progress type allegory that teaches language skills in an enjoyable fashion.

Join Tank and PG as they travel through Grammar Land. Learn with Tank as he meets and interacts with all sorts of people who instruct him and guide him on his journey.

Part 1 covers the Namers and their Substituters. Students will recognize them as Nouns and Pronouns. Part 2 deals with the Tellers or Verbs. Students will easily pick up on proper syntax of helping verbs in combination and also learn who the Linkers are as well as all about the BE family. Part 3 covers Adjectives and Adverbs with a trip through the Descriptive Mountains on to the Central Intelligence Adverbial Agency. Learn how Tank and his friends outmaneuver King Falsifier and the renegades in this book. Part 4 teaches about Prepositions and Conjunctions. Tour Prepositional Railway Station and then go on to Connecting Junction. Visit Thought Trucking Terminal and Clause Village, home of the complex sentence builders.


Totally self-contained: story, lessons, tests, answers, & teacher helps.
Constant review for long term learning using spaced repetition.
Full story text in front, a grammar synopsis in the back with exercises.
Innovative structure and design, easy to follow presentation.
Minimal teacher preparation time needed.
Successfully used for both initial teaching and remediation.
5th-7th grades targeted but appropriate for a wide variety of ages.
Solid teaching and coverage of standard material.
An easy yet enjoyable story that teaches about grammar.

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GRAMMAR LAND - PART 1 & 2 184 pages (includes separate test book - 40 pages)
GRAMMAR LAND - PART 3 & 4 208 pages (includes separate test book - 39 pages)

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"The Grammar Land books should be useful for a broad range
of home schooling situations since they are so user-friendly."

Cathy Duffy