Part 3&4
(includes test)

ISBN 1-886061-32-7

Look what you get in this book!

  • constant repetition for long term retention
  • incremental introduction of information
  • artwork that enhances the concepts
  • a story that teaches as it entertains
  • how to recognize linking verbs
  • secrets of the three helping verb groups
  • which verb always shows tense and number
  • irregular verb families & how to recognize them
  • who the modals are and what they do
  • simple formulas for deciding verb forms
  • all about the BE verb and its uses
  • what tense is & how it works
  • the syntax & formula for verb phrases
  • instruction in formula writing
  • a major examination for each chapter
  • complete answer keys for exercises and tests
  • info on grading and scoring tests and exercises
Learn how to find the main verb in a group of verbs every time.

Learn the simple syntax formula that every verb group follows in active sentences.

Learn how to tell a linking verb from an active verb with 100% accuracy in any situation or sentence.

Learn a simple series of sentences which will give the basic forms of any verb.

Learn all about the modals and BE verbs and how they affect other verbs in the sentence.

What John Saxon did for math, Frode Jensen does for English

"As a former high school English teacher and a present home schooling mom (four high school kids), I enthusiastically endorse your products." Mary Angel - home schooling mom

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