What John Saxon did for math, Frode Jensen does for English


Look what you get in this book

  • constant repetition for long-term retention
  • simple format to follow with great results
  • four reproducible charts of roots and affixes
  • a systematic approach to learning vocabulary
  • over 1,000 valuable words from basic roots
  • practice based on a proven system
  • daily and weekly reinforcement
  • Latin and Greek based words become easy
  • a complete package for individual or classroom
  • four types of exercises for each set of words
  • easy-to-follow pattern of instruction
  • little or no teacher input after the beginning
  • easy scoring and test methodologies
  • extensive word parts list for extra help
  • not a free lunch but a great meal
  • better scores on tests like SAT; CAT etc.
  • easy accountability for teacher and student
  • complete answer keys for exercises and tests
  • increased ability to intelligently guess new words
  • answers to all exercises included for self-scoring


  • how prefixes, suffixes and roots combine to make all kinds of words.
  • how to figure out the spelling of a word by the parts that make it up.
  • how to think in logical fashion about words and their meanings.
  • a few roots that give you the keys to hundreds of words.


  • the single most necessary ingredient of good communication: a good vocabulary.


  • your ability to read and understand as well as express yourself more concisely with these words.


ISBN# 1-886061-27-0


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"The students increased their vocabulary scores on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills by 22 percent across the board. That means that all students increased their scores. I was elated."
-Tim Moore, classroom teacher

"I have used your vocabulary books for several years. Not only do my children enjoy the books very much, but they are learning and retaining the information."
-Karen Locklair, Senior Instructor

"Jensen's Vocabulary has proved very useful in expanding my vocabulary. By studying the structure and learning the meanings of the root words, my vocabulary has increased significantly."
-Christine Dawson, 14, home schooled student

"After using Jensen's Grammar and Vocabulary: Latin I with our 7th grader, his achievement test scores increased 18% in total language and 45% in spelling from his previous scores. Thank you. We love your books."
-Derlyze Breitner, home schooling mom

"As a former high school English teacher and a present home schooling mom (four high school kids), I enthusiastically endorse your products."
-Mary Angel, home schooling mom



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JENSEN'S VOCABULARY: a thoughtful and systematic approach to learning roots, affixes, and words, this book produces excellent results on standardized tests.

JENSEN'S FORMAT WRITING: teaches structure and organization from the paragraph to the major paper. A must for all students, particularly the college-bound.

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