What John Saxon did for math, Frode Jensen does for English

Look what you get in this book

  • a punctuation rule book with examples
  • constant repetition for long-term retention
  • a reproducible card of rules for ready reference
  • a list of key words that reveal certain rules
  • exercises taken from classical literature
  • secrets of compound sentence punctuation
  • how to punctuate long and difficult sentences
  • when to use commas with subordinators
  • five simple rules that help immensely
  • where commas go with a conjunctive adverb
  • how to use commas with the FANBOYS
  • when not to use a comma between clauses
  • how to tell independent from dependent clauses
  • easy formulas that can be applied continuously
  • the one word that signals no comma
  • practice in the use of the comma and semicolon
  • complete answer keys for exercises and tests
  • info on grading and scoring exercises and tests


  • the five basic rules for compound sentences that solve 75-90% of your punctuation problems.
  • how to use the punctuation index to help you master all the punctuation rules worth knowing.
  • the three types of key words and how they signal what type of punctuation is needed, if any.
  • what kinds of words in what kinds of situations need capitals and how to identify them in sentences.
  • when and when not to use a comma with modifiers occurring in various positions in a sentence.
  • how to correctly use the semicolon in the most common situation in which it occurs.


ISBN# 1-886061-26-2

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"The lessons are quick and painless, about 5-10 minutes each, and you will find these exercises more interesting than what's usually found in grammar text since they are examples from real books."
-Teresa Schultz-Jones, notional reviewer

"I appreciate the work that went into writing these punctuation books. You have done a good job. I have really seen improvement in my 9th grader's use of punctuation."
-Joanne Juren, home schooling mom

"I knew there had to be some concrete rules about when and where to apply the various punctuations; however, the only instruction I ever got was to just put a comma where you would take a breath. It is a great relief to know the when, where, and why of punctuation, especially when my children want solid answers."
-Paula Wilcox, home schooling mom

"I am very thankful for the work you have done in preparing these wonderful teaching tools. They are the best I have found."
-William J. Puderbaugh, Farsight Education

"As a former high school English teacher and a present home schooling mom (four high school kids), I enthusiastically endorse your products."
-Mary Angel, home schooling mom



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