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Alpha-Phonics book

Anyone who already knows how to read can teach reading using Alpha-Phonics. It is easy to use and free of the professional jargon characteristic of so many reading instruction books.
Parents who wish to teach their children to read at home will find Alpha-Phonics particularly useful, as it does not have a classroom format which would need to be adapted for home-school use.
Alpha-Phonics requires almost no teacher preparation. The 128 lessons are self-explanatory. However, a teacher's manual is provided offering practical suggestions for each lesson.
Alpha-Phonics is printed in large, clear calligraphy suitable for beginning readers. The lesson pages were carefully designed to eliminate distraction and to focus the pupil's full attention on the work at hand.
Alpha-Phonics contains a section of pre-reading alphabet exercises to aid in letter recognition before beginning the reading program.
Alpha-Phonics produces significant results when used as little as ten minutes a day.
Alpha-Phonics uses a phonogram approach. One vowel is presented at a time and reading skills are developed by studying all the possible word families of that vowel before moving to the next vowel.
Alpha-Phonics provides extensive word lists and practice sentences to reinforce basic skills. As the pupil becomes more advanced, library books may be used for supplemental reading practice. While no separate readers are necessary, we do offer a set of readers which are closely coordinated to the material in the book itself.
The word lists and practice sentences in Alpha-Phonics can be used for spelling and handwriting practice, so separate spelling or handwriting programs are unnecessary. Suggestions are given for introducing cursive handwriting.

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Alpha-Phonics is flexible enough that any teacher or tutor can adapt it to his or her own teaching style or situation. Alpha-Phonics can also be used to supplement other phonics reading programs so that parents, teachers, or tutors can reinforce reading instruction that their pupils are already receiving.
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Here is what others have said about Alpha-Phonics

June 17, 1994
Dear Mr. Blumenfeld,

I just had to write to tell you how thrilled I am with Alpha-Phonics. It is incredibly easy to use! It works marvelously! What a joy it is to teach my own child to read. It adds a special dimension to our relationship.

You have made Alpha-Phonics so simple; it's brilliant. I started homeschooling my five year old son, with four children and a brand new baby. With Alpha Phonics, any time I had fifteen minutes to spare, I'd just turn to the next lesson and we'd do it. Michael was progressing beautifully, and so naturally. Reading was not difficult. It was just systematic and took time and attention. It did not require strain.

One day I found my three year old at the kitchen; table reading S am, Sam; m an, man, and so on, completing Lesson 2 all by himself. I had not taught him. I had just taught him his letter sounds. He picked it up and did it himself. And that's just how simple this book is.

As we got along in the book, we would review, daily, earlier lessons and then do a new lesson. With your book, reading can be mastered, without stress or strain.

Your approach also totally fits my style. I am a busy person, like most of us today. I don't like a lot of fuss and unnecessary frills. This one book does it all.

My sister-in-law showed me a reading program she recently purchased. There was this book and that book and this tape and that tape. And it was over $200.00! I didn't have the heart to tell her all she needed was Alpha Phonics, this unassuming looking book is brilliant, not to mention a small fraction of the cost.

A thousand times thank you. You have made it simple and economical for any mom to impart to their own child the most important skill they will ever learn.

Mrs. Kathryn Colasante

April 26,1997
Dear Friends,

I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate Alpha-Phonics. I bought it to use with my 6 year old last year. I had tried other curriculum with my older son, yet all programs were so much more complicated to teach and understand. In just a few minutes a day my little girl has successfully been able to learn to read!

Alpha-Phonics has not only worked for my little girl, but I have also been using it for a little boy I have been tutoring. He has been 'labeled' learning disabled and his teachers have just thrown him away. By the way, he first went to a local Christian School and now he is in Public School. This little boy is now learning to read. I see no difficulty at all in his learning ability! I am seeing an eager little boy learn to read when the professionals said he could not ever learn to read... by the way, I am just a mom with only 1 year of college!!

I think Alpha-Phonics works because it is straight phonics without all the Fluff! PLUS, I can now say personally that it works for all learning styles and even learning deficiencies... If there be any!!

I will personally be recommending this wonderful program to all families that I counsel for curriculum needs! (My husband and I lead our area support group of 250 families and serve as coordinators for our church school covering.)

Well, may God continue to bless your work for Him!

Mrs. Cindy Rushton

October 2, 1991
Dear Mr. Blumenfeld,

Thank you for Alpha-Phonics!

We have a 14-year-old son who has Downs Syndrome. He began his formal "education" at age of three. After 10 years of special education in the public school system, he had a reading vocabulary of 76 words. His teachers used a sight-word recognition system and considered that a "good score". He was very frustrated with his inability to read, so he would copy his siblings by pretending to read.

I began to search for a reading program. In reading through the home-school book section at the library, I found a recommendation for the book How to Tutor. After reading that book, I started our son on the phonics program immediately. Within one month, he could read over 100 words--more than he had learned in 10 years of schooling! ! ! I was thrilled and so was he.

We spent about a half hour a day after school, and he continued his progress slowly, but surely. Many of the words were unfamiliar to him, such as "rap" and "jab", so I explained the meanings and his vocabulary expanded. We have seen a remarkable change in his articulation. When he learned the "th" sound and saw that "bath" ended with "th", he stopped saying "baf". His speech is much clearer and his sentences are more complete.

It has been a year since we started the Alpha-phonics program and he is finishing the last pages. He is so pleased to be able to read library books, sing along with the hymns at church, and inform the driver what the signs along the road say. Our son does not have a very high I.Q., but he was able to learn to read using phonics. I am sure there are many children in special education programs that could also learn using this system, and I would highly recommend it to other parents.

Thank you for Alpha-phonics!

Jeanette Metzger

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