Jensen's GRAMMAR
What John Saxon did for math, Frode Jensen does for English

Look what you get in this book

  • constant repetition for long-term retention
  • incremental introduction of information
  • five reproducible reference charts
  • a comprehensive treatment of parts of speech
  • the secret of noun and verb cluster syntax
  • a simple test for prepositions and their phrases
  • how to make plurals correctly
  • a quick way to tell linking from active verbs
  • how to find the main verb in a sentence
  • two letters that identify almost all adverbs
  • how to make subjects and verbs agree
  • all about appositives
  • a simple list of modals and how they change verbs
  • derivational and inflectional suffixes explained
  • instruction in formula writing
  • the trick that fixes correct usage of lie and lay
  • how to construct passive sentences
  • secrets of correct compound pronoun usage
  • a complete and simple summary of verbals
  • how modifiers can always be identified


  • how to create, place and punctuate relative clauses in order to write more sophisticated sentences.
  • a simple procedure to reduce the number of words in a sentence to help you search for subjects and verbs.
  • to use a simple chart that unlocks the mystery of differentiating the major parts of speech.
  • how to actually use the words and structures you are being taught in your own sentences.
  • the fundamentals of grammar in such a way that you will not forget them but will use them effectively.
  • the secrets of putting two ideas into one sentence with correct punctuation every time.

ISBN# 1-886061-28-9

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"Jensen's Grammar is a wonderful program! My daughter went through it and was tremendously helped."
-Deborah Caskey home schooling mom

"I never thought my daughter would grasp subject / predicate breaks or locate nouns, but now she's doing it consistently."
-Carroll Man tell, home schooling mom

"When my daughter used it, she went from testing at a 6th grade level to testing at a 12th grade level while in the 8th grade."
-Doreen Biffart, home schooling mom

"My children enjoy working with these books; they are clear yet challenging. Our English program has finally come together."
-Joan Yager, home schooling mom

"Thank you so much for Jensen 5' Grammar. My kids love it and so do I. They have learned more in these 20 weeks of school than the past 9 years! It has made English enjoyable for us all."
-Linda Reed, home schooling mom

"As a former high school English teacher and a present home schooling mom (four high school kids), I enthusiastically endorse your products."
-Mary Angel, home schooling mom


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