What John Saxon did for math, Frode Jensen does for English

Look what you get in this book

  • how to write good paragraphs
  • how to do five paragraph essays
  • how to organize major papers
  • the seven sentence outline
  • the principle of condensation
  • secrets of the thesis statement
  • how to introduce a topic
  • how to conclude a topic
  • seven practical formats
  • clear and simple instructions
  • learnable procedures
  • instructive examples
  • analytical grading keys
  • how to use note cards
  • how to organize your writing
  • applications for appendices
  • the use of in-text citations and end notes
  • what transitions are and how to use them
  • how to put together a great resume
  • all about point of view and tense shifts


  • the secret of cutting your work in half when it comes to writing a paper.
  • how to order your presentation for its most powerful effect on the reader.
  • a technique for getting the essence of what you read down on paper for future reference.
  • how to stack up your ideas so that they flow together in a natural fashion.
  • how to move ideas from sentence to sentence by following a simple rule.
  • all about what and how to document your sources when doing research and writing.



ISBN# 1-886061-29-7


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"This is probably the most comprehensive tool for teaching expository writing at the lowest price."
-Cathy Duffy, national reviewer

"My daughter just finished English Olin College and received the only A in the class. She said that no book has been so helpful as Format Writing."
-Sally Beardsley home schooling mom

"I am very impressed with your book Format Writing and have recommended it to my clients for some time."
-Jo Anne Bennett, educational consultant

"My daughter and I discovered Format Writing the last two years of her high school career. She worked through it from cover to cover, and I am more than pleased with end result."
-Peggy Blanchard, home schooling mom

"As a former high school English teacher and a present home schooling mom (four high school kids), I enthusiastically endorse your products."
-Mary Angel, home schooling mom



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