Alpha-Phonics compared to How To Tutor:

  • How To Tutor (HTT) was written first, in 1972.
  • Alpha-Phonics (Alpha) came in 1983.
The reading portion of HTT and Alpha are virtually identical as to content (Do not be concerned that the number of lessons is different; HTT actually has 9 more phonics lessons because some lessons are broken down into part "a," part "b," part "c," etc.).

The MAIN difference between the reading portions
of the two books is in format.

  • Using HTT requires the teacher to copy material out of the book for the student.
  • Alpha allows the child to read his lessons directly from the book.



HTT is a 5 X 8 size page. The instructions for parent and material for the student are interspersed and in standard size type.
Alpha is a large size page, 8 1/2 X 11. The instructions for parent are separated and in the back half of the book in standard size book type.
The material for the student is separated, in the front half of the book, and are in extra large size type.
There are some other slight differences between the reading portion of HTT and Alpha, but they are not significant.
Some people who want the most convenient way of teaching phonics reading, and be able to teach arithmetic and cursive handwriting, buy both books.

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Includes Samuel Blumenfeld and Alpha-Phonics.