December 25, 1776 George Washington’s army crossed the Delaware River

for a surprise attack against the Hessian forces in Trenton,N.J.


The successful surprise attack found the enemy unprepared.  It was a major victory for the beleaguered American army.  A victory that began the turning of the tide against the British  and their allied forces.

If the mission had failed we might be British subjects today.


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“I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six years old.

My Mother took me to see Santa at a Department Store and

Santa asked me for my autograph.”

–Shirley Temple


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? Did you know….

Let’s Play Trivia

Elephants are one of the few mammals that cannot jump!

Hippos and Rhinos also do not jump, but, unlike the Elephant,

they can have all four feet off the ground when they run.

? Do you know….

How much the original formula for Coca-Cola cost?

$ 550 in 1885.  Asa Candler, son of a druggist, bought the

Lets Play Trivia Alpha-Phonics is best

formula from John Pemberton.  The Candler family sold

the drink in their drug store and the rest is history.

? Did you know….

Alpha-Phonics is probably the simplest. most effective and

least expensive phonics reading instruction program available?


Simplest, most effective. least expensive phonics instruction program


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A case for private ownership of property

A classic premise in economic thinking is the little story known as “The Tragedy of The Commons.”

For those of you in Rio Linda (as you know who would say) simplified it is explained: If a parcel of property is owned by a group, rather than one controlling entity, it can lead to overuse by one individual to the detriment of the entire group of owners.

The original example was a parcel of land owned by all the local citizens.  It is then known as “the common.”  The local citizens (the “commoners”) who grazed their livestock on the common were free to use it as much as they wished. The concern was that one or several citizen/users would overgraze to their benefit and to the detriment of all the others. Eventually the land could become barren.

The concept grew out of an essay in 1833 by economist William Foster Lloyd.

The key part of his essay is here.

“If a person puts more cattle into his own field, the amount of the subsistence which they consume is all deducted from that which was at the command, of his original stock; and if, before, there was no more than a sufficiency of pasture, he reaps no benefit from the additional cattle, what is gained in one way being lost in another. But if he puts more cattle on a common, the food which they consume forms a deduction which is shared between all the cattle, as well that of others as his own, in proportion to their number, and only a small part of it is taken from his own cattle. In an enclosed pasture, there is a point of saturation, if I may so call it, (by which, I mean a barrier depending on considerations of interest,) beyond which no prudent man will add to his stock. In a common, also, there is in like manner a point of saturation. But the position of the point in the two cases is obviously different. Were a number of adjoining pastures, already fully stocked, to be at once thrown open, and converted into one vast common, the position of the point of saturation would immediately be changed”.[5]

In 1968 Garrett Hardin, an ecologist, brought new life to the “Tragedy of the Commons” in an article. Hardin’s emphasis was directed more to the preservation of the “ecology.”  Overpopulation was his main concern.  More about Hardin: was also known for his opinions  on abortion, and forced sterilization)

Others argue that only government or private ownership can prevent The Tragedy of The Commons.

Much more on this subject can be found here:

What do you think?  We would like your comments

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                  YOU CAN ALSO LEARN HOW WELL

                   ANYBODY CAN READ…EVEN YOU!




Watch this three minute video to learn all about it.  You’ll be amazed

Video may take a few seconds to begin

Alphachirpy likes it too!

Alphachirpy says: For only $ 19.95* you can determine what level from 2nd through 12th grade the person has achieved.

Then you will be given suggestions where to find and how to administer whatever remediation appears necessary.

Test was developed by the late, great Samuel L. Blumenfeld, author of many books on education, its problems and solutions.

*Suggested retail price

Here is where you can purchase the TEST

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The Alpha-Phonics bird

Alphachirpy  says:  it looks like we are seeing the end of having well-achieving students picked to offer valedictorian speeches at  high school graduations. (Summarized from a June 15, 2017 Associated Press story.)

Here is why:   “At many American high schools, the graduation-day tradition of crowning a valedictorian is becoming a thing of the past.

“The ranking of students from No. 1 on down, based on grade-point averages, has been fading steadily for about the past decade.  In its place are honors that recognize everyone who scores at a certain threshold – using Latin honors ,* for example.  This year, one school in Tennessee had 48 valedictorians.”

What do you think about this trend:  GOOD or BAD?

Alpha-Phonics the Book on CDRom

Alpha-Phonics the Book on CDRom-It is NOT T-Ball, but it is easy to teach reading with it!

Some think “T” ball baseball might be an example of leveling the playing field a bit too much.

Alphachripy asks: Did you know the complete Alpha-Phonics phonics reading instruction program is available on one inexpensive CD ROM?

Learn all about the CD ROM here


In the AP story various educators interviewed were asked their opinion about the new  idea of using many valedictorians at graduation exercises: Lancaster High School, Buffalo, NY, principal Cesar Marchioli “….said he was neutral on the issue, though he feels [Bad] for the 11th-ranked student who falls just short of the recognition awarded to the top 10 students honored at the annual banquet.”

Graduating senior Connor Carrow, 17, has pressed for the switch to Latin honors. “He said it’s a better fit with the school’s collaborative and cooperative ideals. You’re striving for that (honor) personally, but you’re not hoping that you’re better than these other 400 people next to you.”

“collaborative and cooperative ideals”??  “…not hoping to be better than….”  Do you think these are good or bad?

“Elsewhere, commenters have peppered news websites with disparaging comparisons to giving ‘participation trophies’ to avoid hurt feelings, while supporters point out the often statistically insignificant differences that separate students.”

COMMENT: In recent years the driving trend is to eliminate any comparative levels of excellence in almost every endeavour. In Little League baseball we now see not keeping score to eliminates winners or losers. Some schools (Both high school level and college) are eliminating “grades.” Everybody passes, and so on. Why wouldn’t you want to strive to be better than the other 400 people next to you?

Please comment on our story

Too Many Valedictorians?

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*Latin Honors: Cum Laude….with honors

Summa Cum Laude….with highest praise

MagnaCum Laude……with highest honors

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Alpha-chirpy asks:




We recently stumbled across a mailing in our files from an Oregon Teacher dated March 14, 1996.

She sent samples of classroom work by her 

 KINDERGARTEN students who were taught cursive handwriting BEFORE PRINTING

(Cursive vs. “Ball and stick”) (You will see samples of their work later)

This of course raises the old question whether to teach printing or cursive writing first.

The question, or debate, comes up from time to time but the direction has been for a long time unquestionably not to teach cursive first, or even teach cursive at all.

Samuel L. Blumenfeld, author of such books as Alpha-Phonics A Primer for Beginning Readers, How To Tutor, and many other books on teaching the “Three R’s,” has for decades argued that cursive should definitely be taught to all children and preferably taught to them before being taught printing.

This may come as a surprise to many, especially anyone younger than, say, 40 or so.  Many would also be surprised that print (ball and stick) was NOT taught in public schools* until about the 1940’s.

Until the 1940’s the only classes which used print were Mechanical Drawing (For building plans, etc.) or Art classes (For poster work). Once an elderly lady in front of me in line in a bank was asked to print her name for a certain document.  She told the Teller she had never been taught to print. (I could see over her shoulder she had a beautiful cursive signature)  As the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s rolled by various arguments arose for both teaching print first and also for not teaching cursive at all. The electric typewriter seems to have sped the process  “We do not need to learn cursive since everything will be typed on a machine.” More recently the computer put that process into high gear.  Then came the personal devices such as smart phones.  We all know what happened from then on.

 Some parents are surprised to learn that cursive handwriting is rarely taught in public schools anymore.

As the saying goes “what goes around comes around.”  In the past couple of years we have seen some articles surface indicating that cursive hand writing may actually be (As it always truly was) a very good thing to be taught.

Why might learning cursive handwriting be beneficial?

We will investigate some of the reasons in our next post.

 Samuel L. Blumenfeld’s 1974 classic book, How To Tutor, covers reading, writing and arithmetic.  For those interested in teaching children to be good cursive hand writers, there is an entire section in it which completely covers cursive handwriting.  Also available is the cursive handwriting practice workbook, created by Sam’s colleague Barbara Simkus, which is directly correlated to the How To Tutor instruction book.

We would love to hear your opinion (below) which to teach first: Cursive or Print

Use  link below to learn all about How To Tutor and its companion workbooks:

The books are available at

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Words Do Not Have Fixed Meanings

Words do not have fixed meanings:

We have been explaining the thesis that the work of the little known mid-century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein has had seismic effect on Western Civilization, as well as significant affect on the rest of the world.




Here you can read what we wrote in PART ONE

(Scroll down to the photo of Wittgenstein) and



A few years ago (1991) a big book (12″ X 15,”  445 pgs) came to our attention extolling the glories of “Whole Language.”  W/L was the rage about then.  Ed Professors had convinced themselves children would learn to read if you simply put a book in front of them.

What does that have to do with Wittgenstein?  Proponents of W/L believed correctness in meanings and spelling is not important to learn.  (Remember: Words do not have fixed meanings?)  So you learn to read any way you can.  And, if you really do not learn to read, it is not important.  Just trying is ok. (Remember Pee Wee baseball where no scores are kept; just playing is all that is important)  Words are simply play-dough, aren’t they?

Another example is in basic arithmetic.  Around the same time the latest “new” math trend  was that correctness was not the ultimate coal. Coming close was ok.  Just trying was satisfactory.

Other results are that grades are demeaning; class attendance is not even necessary  in college.  Some colleges are now even allowing students to grade themselves, or, better yet, have eliminated grades altogether.

We submit this all results from Wittgensteinian thinking.  One disciple, Professor, Meguido Zola of Simon Fraser University in Canada, paraphrasing Wittgenstein, wrote in 1989:

     “Words are a ladder, that must be abandoned once we have used [the ladder] in order to   ascend  to the metaphysical heights. Labels will serve their purpose for a while, but none is absolute.”

Our dear readers will immediately conclude this is utter nonsense, but the truth is that academia buys it hook line and sinker. From academia it seeps into every phase of life in western civilization.

We will go into more depth in future posts.  For now ask yourself: Why does the world seem crazy.  Nothing is sacred anymore.  Nobody needs to “go by the rules.” Nothing is absolute anymore. Review things in your own life like why does one person see something as black another see the same topic as white? (This is not about ethnicity)  Why are people more rude in the world than the used to seem? Why is it that doing almost anything seems to be ok?  Think about it.  More later.

Since 1976

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Phonics Reading Instruction TIPS Learned over 41 Years of Experience!

Alphachirpy says:          3 pages of “TIPS”                                                                         

“Found only in the ORIGINAL ALPHA-PHONICS”

You get a special supplement to Alpha-Phonics in each copy that  gives you the benefit of 31 years of experience we have had in answering thousands of emails and phone calls from users. We call these pages our “TIPS” for obtaining even better results with Alpha-Phonics.

We have condensed the most important and most often heard questions we have had from potential and actual users of Alpha-Phonics into our list of “TIPS.”

Alpha-PhonicsThis means you get the benefit of the issues Moms (And some Dads, too) have asked us about over more than three decades of experience with Alpha-Phonics.  We have listed everything from:

“How do I get my daughter to blend the individual phonics sounds together,”


“What do I do after I finish teaching my Son everything in Alpha-Phonics?”

Of course Alphachirpy did not talk to all of these parents. The author and the publishers really spoke or emailed with most of them.  But Alphachirpy wants you to know about this feature in the 2017 Alpha-Phonics found nowhere else.  One parent told us the TIPs alone appeared to be worth the price of the program.

We hope you will keep this in mind as you decide on what phonics reading instruction program you choose to use.

Alphachirpy says it is time for him to go find some worms for lunch.

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Alphachirpy asks: Hey, Remember Common Core?

 Common Core update from:


Hey, Remember Common Core?
By Jim Geraghty — August 2, 2017


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