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Another Convincing Review of Alpha-Phonics

There are, of course, many moms and teachers who have successfully used Alpha-Phonics to teach their pupils to read.  We never tire of hearing of their experiences and reading their reviews because we believe their point of view is especially … Continue reading

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Mom teaches her 8 kids to read with one $ 20 Alpha-Phonics

Twenty-three years and one copy of Alpha-Phonics – not a bad run for just $19.95!  Yes, that’s what Alpha-Phonics cost 23 years ago.  We don’t put a dollar value on a person learning to read because we think it’s incalculable, … Continue reading

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Was COMMON CORE Predicted in the ’60s?

Most of your parents (and even some  of your grandparents) will remember a TV show from the 1960s called “The Prisoner”, staring Patrick McGoohan.  In those days, it was good theater but still a rather horrific vision of the future … Continue reading

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