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We’re Back Blogging!

BREAKING NEWS:                                        BREAKING NEWS: Alpha-Phonics blog site is active again. We are offering the best phonics reading instruction program you can … Continue reading

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It’s like a whole school in one book…..Why?

Leading Homeschool curriculum reviewer Mary Pride says:  “…the reasoned explanation of why you should follow classic methods of instruction sets How To Tutor apart. Not a bad price for learning how to teach your child the three R’s from preschool … Continue reading

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Another Convincing Review of Alpha-Phonics

There are, of course, many moms and teachers who have successfully used Alpha-Phonics to teach their pupils to read.  We never tire of hearing of their experiences and reading their reviews because we believe their point of view is especially … Continue reading

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Mom teaches her 8 kids to read with one $ 20 Alpha-Phonics

Twenty-three years and one copy of Alpha-Phonics – not a bad run for just $19.95!  Yes, that’s what Alpha-Phonics cost 23 years ago.  We don’t put a dollar value on a person learning to read because we think it’s incalculable, … Continue reading

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Is Universal Pre-K Really the Way to Go?

There is something just so right-sounding and attractive about the idea of Pre-K for every kid in America.  It’s just a “no-brainer”, isn’t it?  There is no doubt that the concept is gaining popularity all over the country and, of … Continue reading

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Homeschoolers Aboard!

Sometimes there just is no other option than homeschooling. One may be completely dissatisfied by one’s local public school; Or one may live outside the country with no viable alternatives. Then again, one may live on a boat, continually sailing … Continue reading

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Alpha-Phonics in Nigeria

We are continually blessed by the stories that come to us regarding the use of Alpha-Phonics to teach reading, whether to youngsters not even in school yet or kids with special needs.  The following story has been taking shape for … Continue reading

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(A post by Paradigm Company’s President Peter Watt) ———– Do you remember Look & Say (Dick & Jane)? Do you remember Whole Word? Do you remember Whole Language? Do you remember “New Math?” Do you remember Outcome Based Education? (OBE) … Continue reading

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So Who Is Pulling the CCSS Strings?

One of the sensitive questions revolving around Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is whether it is a federally instigated program.  That this is a sensitive issue is quite clear given the fervent denials by those who support the plan. Getting … Continue reading

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One Syllable Books

While doing a little research on an upcoming blog topic (translation:  “when looking for something about which to write”), I discovered a form of literature that until now had escaped my notice: the one syllable book. In the early 1800’s … Continue reading

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