Legislation proposed by Hawaii Democrat State Senator Kaialii Kahele (SB 82323) was killed  in February following a large negative response by many citizens and groups.  The legislation suggested “that parents by nature were suspicious.”  Under the bill parents would have been subjected to intrusive state screening before being “allowed”  to remove their children from government schools.  The Senator described public schools as a “layer of protection.”

But in the real world data shows children are far more likely to be abused in government schools than by their parents at home. A recent report mandated by the US Congress indicates as many as 4.5 million students, out of 50 million total students are subjected to sexual misconduct by a school employee between kindergarten and 12th grade.  A U.S. Department of Education study from 2002 estimated six to ten percent of all government school students will be abused at school.

Dr. Brian Ray, head of the National Home Education Research Institute says “available evidence shows  that homeschooled children are abused at a lower rate than those in the general public, and no evidence shows that the home educated are at any higher risk of abuse.”   One estimate cited in the testimony against the Hawaii bill said homeschool children have  40 percent fewer abuse fatalities than the national average

All this, of course, leaves out the fact that students in public school are also at risk of not being well educated at all.

The people of Hawaii are to becongratulated for their effort to protect the right of parents to be in charge of the welfare AND the education of their own children.

Source: New American Magazine, February 8, 2018

A tip of the Hat to our friend David Ryan for bringing this important story to our attention.

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