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Alpha-Phonics A Primer for Beginning Readers.LindaSears

What has been happening?

We’ve been quiet for a while. In the meantime we  have  made big changes for the better. We no longer print and distribute our own books. In order to devote our time to providing you with the best information available pertaining to teaching your own children to Read, Write and do Arithmetic we have turned the production and distribution of our books to the Create Space division of Amazon.com. The program material in our books is the identical data you have known and loved for over 40 years. The quality of the books is even higher than before but the prices are much lower than in the past. But now we we can devote our time to making our blog the best possible site for you to go for information on these and a host of other timely topics.

We can call on our over 30 years of experience in education materials to find and explain many topics you will find interesting and helpful.

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We are pleased to report reception of the new 2017 version has been wonderful. Thanks to all!

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 Below are our latest posts on education:


  1. De Voss confirmed as Secretary of Education

Despite furious NEA/AFT Attacks

By Peter Watt February 2017

Pres Trump’s nominee to be US Department of Education Secretary narrowly succeeded Friday by one vote: that of the tie-breaking vote of VP Mike Pence.  A VP tie-breaking vote was the first time in US history such a tie-breaking vote was needed to confirm a President’s cabinet nominee.

De Voss is known for her devotion to school choice.

The closeness of the vote demonstrated two important things of which parents of children of school age should take note:

  1. Two Republican Senators joined all the Democrat members of the senate committee in voting against De Voss.
  2. The vote demonstrates the huge raw power of the two teachers’ unions in controlling any involvement of the Federal Government in American “public” education.

Each point begs a question for all parents of school-age children:

  1. Are Republicans really strongly aligned with the best interests of the education of our children?
  2. Can “public” education truly be public under such powerful influence of the two labor unions – which both strongly support the Democrat party’s goals?

No doubt the strong growth of Homeschooling is a results of these conditions.

Homeschoolers need to support De Voss who would be expected to be supportive of choice in selection of schools but also in the option of Homeschooling.

Homeschooling parents should watch carefully to be sure the unions do not squelch Homeschoolers’ right to educate their own children.


2. Back to Basics by Frode Jensen (Author of Jensen’s Grammar Series)

(January 2017)

While this example refers to math, the implications are clear also for English. In 1989 the NCTM, that’s National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, began to issue advice that calculators were ok to use in math classes and that open-ended problem solving was better than drilling on facts.

Certainly not every math teacher was in favor of these pronouncements, but the professional association had spoken, and that’s the way it was for 17 years.

A new report suggests that the fuzzy math method doesn’t work. It seems Asian children learn math skills better than Americans. While the US children scored 504 on a 1000 point test, Asian countries did much better: Japan, 570; Taiwan, 585; Hong Kong, 586; South Korea, 589, and Singapore, 605.

So how do the Asians do it? Asian children work hard on a few skills, such as multiplication, division, and algebra; then they practice those skills by solving increasingly difficult problems. That sounds similar to the regimen I had while in school.

Chirp 2-1


Alpha-Chirpy asks: Did you know that Alpha-Phonics has only 12 pages of instructions for Mom to use to teach her child to read?


                                        (January, 2017)Spelling

By: Peter Watt

You do not need a separate spelling program when you use Alpha-Phonics.

Alpha-phonics contains over 3,500 new words. Upon successfully completing Alpha-phonics your student is well on his/her way to being a good speller.

Parents who have taught reading with Alpha-Phonics say that their students have almost automatically become good spellers.

Dictation practice is the key. Dictation practice is recommended throughout Alpha-Phonics as you teach reading. Dictation, both oral and written, automatically teaches spelling at the same time. And dictation helps reinforce learning the phonics sounds you are teaching.

You simply, after each lesson, take a few minutes to have your student spell the words in the lesson out loud. You simply say the word and have your student spell the word out loud to you. Then you also say the words and have your student write the words on paper. Of course, correct him/her when errors are made.

This exercise, while only taking a few minutes with each lesson, covers spelling as you go. You will be pleasantly surprised!

4. The Influence of Books by Frode Jensen

(January  2017)

by Frode Jensen of Wordsmiths, publishers of Jensen’s Grammar and related books available from Sam Blumenfeld’s Alpha-Phonics Homepage:

The National Endowment for the Arts has put out two studies, the most recent coming out in November of 2007. The earlier study, “Reading at Risk,” was published in 2004 and assesses the drop in reading literature from 1982 through 2002. The latest report, “To Read or Not To Read,” speaks to the same issue of declining reading in the overall population of the United States, but it makes a number of other interesting observations. Let’s take a look. Poor reading skills tend to equate with lower pay, lack of or poor employment, and fewer chances for advancement. Poor readers generally don’t read as much as good readers. It is a downward cycle for the poor readers. They don’t read well, so they don’t read much, which means they don’t get the practice they need to improve. Poor readers have lower academic success. Generally speaking, prisoners have worse reading skills than the general population. Also poor readers are less likely to be active in civic life, volunteer less, and vote less than better readers. Being a poor reader definitely brings personal and social disadvantages to the individual and to the society as a whole. “Whether or not people read, and indeed how much and how often they read, affects their lives in crucial ways.”

Books change lives for the better.

Alpha-Chirpy asks: Did you know there are only 44                                                         sounds Mom needs to teach her student to  read?         

Chirp 2-1



Alpha-Chirpy says:There are only              128 lessons in Alpha-Phonics!



                              COMING SOON:

Phil Invgn

Pic Wittgn

The Wittgenstein Conspiracy:

We will examine the impact of the thinking of 20th century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein on Western civilization. We will examine the writing of this relatively unknown man on the course of world events since his  “Philosophical Investigations” was released in 1952. We have been tracking the enormously destructive influence of  his concept that words do not have fixed meanings for 25 years. The   simple thought has done unbelievable damage to our society.

               Those six words have changed Western Civilization!


Alpha-Chirpy says: Mary Pride,

well known homeschool reviewer,

How To Tutor book


calls “How To Tutor  a wholeschool

in one book”




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