Alpha-Phonics CD-Rom now included with
the Alpha-Phonics spiral-bound book at no additional cost.

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How can we make this offer of the Alpha-Phonics book and the Alpha-Phonics the Book on CD ROM both for the price of the book alone?

Also, why are we doing this?

HOW? The Paradigm Co., Inc. publishers of Alpha-Phonics and the CD ROM version have worked hard to make this possible. First, we have made special arrangements for the production of the book and CDs in large quantities so as to make a significant savings without sacrificing any quality. Second, we have made special arrangements to save on royalties. Third, we are reducing our profit margin on the products to an absolute bare minimum. Fourth, we believe increased volume of orders by virtue of the exceptional value offered will cover much of the extra cost of providing both items for such a low price.

WHY? The Paradigm Co. is as much a ministry as it is a business. As such we attempt to save little minds from a life of actual illiteracy or functional illiteracy. Profit, therefore, is not our goal. Naturally it is important that we operate at a level which will enable us to continue with this ministry on a permanent basis, but to simply make a big profit is unimportant.

A second reason for this special offer is that we are a relatively small company competing with many much larger firms. We believe most sincerely our Alpha-Phonics intensive, systematic phonics reading instruction program is probably the best all round program available. In order to be able to help more families succeed in teaching their children to be good readers we needed to find a way to stand out among the field. The answer was for us to be able to offer our absolutely unbeatable product combination at an absolutely unbeatable price.

Will the low price be only temporary? NO! We plan to keep this price indefinitely.

If you order from one of our fine vendor/resellers please be sure to use this specific ISBN number: 9780941995306

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